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A joke told in a comedy show that was so funny that it slayed so many of the audience that it became genocidally funny, and the arena (or stadium) that the show was held in will forever be known as the place where that genocide of comedy took place.
That Cow and Chicken show turned into lolschwitz. it's survivors were sworn to secrecy.
by Welshasian January 13, 2011
When unprotected computer users engage in sex talk in seedy public chatrooms.
George Michael loves e-cottaging, he prefers it to real cottaging because he can do it at home in his slippers and dressing gown.
by WelshAsian January 12, 2012
A way of telling people you need to defecate quite a lot of matter without being overly disgusting.
Hey guys I will be right back, got a shift at Thorntons.
by Welshasian January 28, 2012
A very rugged and manly wank (Man-wank), only performed by lumberjacks and other men in manly professions.
During his break Paul was having a mank.

Manking is what the Israeli special forces do during their spare time
by WelshAsian November 02, 2011

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