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1. To have a mancrush on someone.

2. Something incredibly manly.
"I am so gar for Archer."

"Gaogaigar is so incredibly GAR."
by Videodrome August 09, 2009
A mechanical monster formed by two psychic sisters. Often destroys anything in its path, including Hong Kong.

Also an anime that stars the monster of the same name.
"Genocyber? Yeah, that's the anime where even the kids get killed in gruesome, horrible ways."

"And so, Genocyber destroyed Hong Kong. Mysteriously, of course."
by Videodrome August 09, 2009
A synonym for bara; a form of yaoi that appeals to an actual gay male audience, unlike the mainstream that usually appeals to women. Also can describe a man who is muscular, hairy, and carries a few excess pounds.
"Wow, guys fuck like manly bears in Gachi Muchi, wouldn't you say?"
by Videodrome July 30, 2009
In reference to a bara comic entitled Kuso Miso Technique


Homosexual situations involving coprophilia and/or urophilia.
"Dude, I dare you to read Kuso Miso!"

"Dude, I didn't know you did Kuso Miso!"
by Videodrome August 09, 2009
A fire that breaks out on the breast


A special attack of Mazinger Z that involves flames shooting from the breast
"Oh no, a breast fire! I told you not to pour tequila on that chick!"

by Videodrome August 09, 2009
A group of planetary inspectors from the Super Robot Wars series that inspects planets for invasion and takeover by the Zuvorg Alliance. Also can refer to more intelligent life-forms who inspect before they invade.
"The Inspectors want nothing more than our resources, our robots, and our women....oh wait, scratch that one, they're too advanced for women."

"As an inspector, I'm going to check out this wasp's nest before I torch the bastards."
by Videodrome July 30, 2009
To snipe someone from an impossibly far distance like a badass.

To fuck a woman (usually reverse cowboy style) and then leave like a badass (usually under fire).
"You shot that man Golgo Style! That's amazing!"

"I fucked the chick Golgo Style, yeah. And I didn't even get shot."
by Videodrome August 09, 2009

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