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Cool is what you use to state whether someone is your friend or not.
So whats up with you and that new girl. 'We cool'
by Victoria April 07, 2004
How to answer a question when you don't know the answer.
Can also be used purely to annoy, as a way to fill space.
Isn't a bridging loan acceptable as collateral?

by Victoria January 30, 2003
cheese appetizers
For a pre-drinks snack, Elisabeth brought out some chezbollah.
by Victoria December 10, 2003
An adjectival phrase meaning cheaply built; tacky.
This burger builder house is falling apart.
by Victoria December 10, 2003
refers to the mind; what someone is thinking
Yo, man, what's on your biscuit?
by Victoria March 13, 2004
PA is currently the #1 rated prep school in the world. Its academics, art and music programs, and athletic teams, rival those of most universities. This school is well known because President George W. Bush attended (but dont let that bring down your opinion - they dont let idiots like him in anymore.)

Link to: (Andover)
Is she smart?
Yes, she goes to PA.
by Victoria February 12, 2005
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