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10 definitions by UrbanDEV

(Programming) The opposite of fix, or to inadvertently break code while attempting to fix it or something related to it.
"What happened to the menu?"

"I fuxed it."
by UrbanDEV March 03, 2009
When an individual squats over a laying individual's face - making anus to nose contact - and proceeds to fart.
"Damn, I gave her the worst moon-docking last night."

"He was passed out drunk and Jimmy gave him a moon-docking"
by UrbanDEV May 02, 2008
Sexual device for men resembling a prosthetic vagina.
fade in....bedroom scene.....husband rolls over and rubs wife's ass....wife is about to feign headache when she remembers she bought a new stunt vagina for "Moments just like these"........cut to wife smiling while husband snoozes with shit eating grin...."Thanks Stunt Vagina"
by UrbanDEV July 27, 2010
1 : a representation of fake leaves, fake flowers, and fake branches for architectural ornamentation
2 : the aggregate of fake leaves of one or more fake plants
3 : a cluster of fake leaves, fake flowers, and branches
Would you say they would pose a significant fire hazard if I were to put LED Christmas lights on the fauxliage in my office?
by UrbanDEV April 02, 2010
A stretch that feels so good you make noises like Chewbacca
What the fuck was that?

Yeti stretch...
by UrbanDEV September 05, 2009
Female bastard
That Jill sure is a filthy fembastard...
by UrbanDEV August 24, 2009
Foreign sex films.
Did you see that film from germany? hardcore poreign at it's finest.
by UrbanDEV July 20, 2010