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The person you find asleep on your couch the morning after you have a blow out party.
Dude, who's the residude crashed on the sectional?
#residue #left behind #party goer #passed out #sleeping
by Chicago Dan June 15, 2010
The last person at any event, wanted or unwanted.
He or She who lingers far too long, is clueless on social hints and will stay far past the room going quiet and the lights turned off if allowed.
Family or friends, strangers who do not pick up on that hint that is it time for them to go home or elsewhere.
Company that, like old fish, has been around to the stink point.
Some who never got the wise advice to always leave whilst you are still welcome.
Bob's gone all residude and was sleeping on the couch trying to stay the night unasked.

Mary, the seasonal residude, lingered after the band packed to try to boink the drummer.

Take your residude self home and leave, Christmas was over four days ago!
#lingering #unwanted #guests #pests #clueless #company #social
by Violet Sky September 17, 2013
Residue or stain left behind when wiping semen off of an object or body part.
"Hey, who left residude on my keyboard?" or "Yeah, there was residude all over her forehead when she came out of his room."
#residue #cum #seman #cumstain #stain
by UrbanDEV February 25, 2008
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