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An erection. Brought on suddenly and without much provocation. The sudden nature of it's manifestation can be summed up in one word BAM!

Derived from Brandon "BAM" Margera.
Fred: Dude, I just got major Brandon.
Ted: Brandon shows up at the most inconvenient times.
by Undividualist November 12, 2007
A person who over uses an iPod that does not belong to them.
iPod Owner: Dude, you are totally slutting my pod.
iPod slut: Nah, I'm not.
Passer-by: Well thats what you get for leaving your iPod alone with an iPod slut.
by undividualist September 09, 2005
1. A delicious fatherless pastry.
2. A delicious pastry filled with fatherless children.
3. A fatherless slut.
4. A horrible tasting pastry
Christ Alyssa is a Bastard Tart.

Shut the gay up...BASTARD TART!
by undividualist January 10, 2006
Pointless Bored E-mails

A term used for e-mails written by people at the height of boredom and then sent en masse to everyone you can think of, often found in the deepest reaches of teenage inboxes.
"Spesh, stop sending me PBE's"

Moe: How many PBE's do you send a week?
Jase: Depends on how bored I am.
Moe: Sounds like fun....FREAK!!!!
by undividualist June 18, 2005

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