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Part of McDonald's delicious breakfast menu; best paired with an enormous sausage patty, a cardboard carton of milk, and a plastic cup of orange juice.
"I'd like an order of Hot Cakes and sausage, a milk, and an orange juice; no extra syrup needed!"
by UTCJAM November 14, 2006
One who manipulates his penis for entertainment, excitement, or other reasons. One manipulation is the bird, and another is the sack lunch.
female: I wanted to suck him off, but I had fun before hand watching him be a penis puppeteer.
by UTCJAM November 14, 2006
A buying club that eliminates retail markup by allowing its members to buy directly from manufacturers.

DirectBuy's slogan is: "The #1 way to buy direct for your home."
I just saved $3,000 on my kitchen cabinets by shopping at DirectBuy.
by UTCJAM November 14, 2006
A manipulation by a penis puppeteer of the cock and balls made by wrapping the hand behind the base of them both, forcing them to stand out together like a bird puffing out its chest.
Look at this, Laura! It's a bird!
by UTCJAM November 14, 2006
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