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One who constantly put themselves down or has very low self esteem.

One who insults themselves in physical appearance in regards to their intellect.

A person who thinks and or talks negatively about themselves.
Hey Nick, you look great in that photo.

Oh God, except for my beak of a nose!

Oh man... stop being such a self-bully.
by Tsarith April 16, 2009
One who runs around with high energy and no real purpose. A hyperactive person.

A person who is being overly stimulated, over excited or out of control of their emotions to the point of it being obnoxious to those around them.

A person who is completely agro or out of control.
Tom: Yeah man! I can't wait to for the concert tonight, it'll be so awesome!, I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!

Carl: Dude, don't go getting all "Billy Barty" on my ass.
by Tsarith April 16, 2009
One who laughs or over compliments online posts such as twitter in order to gain favor or return "follows". Also one who "Guffaws" at everything others post to gain favor and gain a return follow.
Jan: I get so much attention on Twitter... I'm following this person who is so funny, articulate and popular, plus he loves my hiaku Tweets! I have a great time in our exchanges! Not to mention I'm up to 400 followers myself now.

Carol: Oh my God, you're such a gafollower.
by Tsarith April 21, 2009
A person who stands on the sidewalk or street corner dressed as Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty or of the like. Their intention is to rope you into impulsively stopping at a close by Tax Filing business. Tactics include; Dancing, jumping up and down, or waving a sign, foam finger, pool noodle or any other annoying thing they can think of.
Driving to work I almost rear ended someone at the light because I was distracted by this Taxdancer. Although... he did have a rather good air guitar technique.
by Tsarith January 12, 2010
To win something, usually of small importance, as in a carnival game. The phrase is used to signify the value of the prize. As in a chicken dinner can be had for the same value.
Carny: "Step right up folks... See if you can knock these milk jugs over."

Man: "I'll give it a shot!" (throws hardball style, hits and knocks down the jugs)

Carny: "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!" (hands man a Chinese made stuffed animal)
by Tsarith June 13, 2013
May not
Joe: Hey, Meg and I might go to the the movie tonight, but then again, we main't.
by Tsarith January 23, 2011
The act of being so partisan that one becomes overtly hateful and spiteful to fellow Americans who are not in the same party as they are.
Joe: Andy, what's up with your family they seem so angry and crazy about the president.

Andy: Yes, I know, too much Fox News, they're totally hatetriotic.
by Tsarith May 14, 2013

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