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10 definitions by Tsarith

The act of being both gay and hyper at the same time
Carol: I lost 20 lbs over the summer using "Sweating to the oldies". You should try it.

Joan: Hell no, Richard Simmonz is WAY to gyper for me.
by Tsarith April 24, 2009
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The act of being so partisan that one becomes overtly hateful and spiteful to fellow Americans who are not in the same party as they are.
Joe: Andy, what's up with your family they seem so angry and crazy about the president.

Andy: Yes, I know, too much Fox News, they're totally hatetriotic.
by Tsarith May 14, 2013
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One who constantly bitches about their job or someone at their work or a meeting they had to attend. Mostly online in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other social web sites.
Tom: I just got out of another meeting with a bunch of whiney, snively babies...

Carol: Tell me about it... I think I'll bring pacificers to my next company meeting, the sales staff is impossible!

Bob: Tom and Carol, stop being such workbitchers!
by Tsarith May 21, 2009
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