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May not
Joe: Hey, Meg and I might go to the the movie tonight, but then again, we main't.
by Tsarith January 23, 2011
Contraction of may not. Alternately, a contraction of maybe ain't; a conditional ain't.
Be that as it may or main't...

Well, I am or I ain't. On second thought, I main't. Don't rightly know just yet.
by Pambrol April 19, 2006
an ultimate terroriser who wreaks havoc upon the inhabitants of a local town
andy please teach me ur main T ways
by ladiesman435 June 02, 2010
A male human passing out but not due to the consumption of alcohol. Similar to "fainting" but men are not allowed to faint, they must maint.
I hit my elbow on the corner and ended up mainting.
I didn't faint cannot faint, I mainted.
by Cheeseheads August 14, 2008
~A variation of the word naint
~ Maint means maybe or maybe it is
A: "Hey, do you want to watch Rambo today?"
B: "Maint."
by kf128 October 11, 2009
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