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myspace groups that claim to only accept the creme de la creme of the website.

Well, as long as you're skinny, have 75% fake hair & a really good version of Photoshop.

Also claim that they're not scene, though 99% of people in these groups are typical myspace scenesters.

The most "elite" perfection groups include AP, VIP and PD. Please note that the owner of VIP is a pro-ana, recovering junkie & the owners of PD are a "Muslim" whore who's permanently naked & a man with red hair and no apparent face.

The point of these groups? Basically a big ego massage for the owner & its members, who need people to tell them they're gorgeous 24/7. FYI real gorgeous people don't need that, as they're not insecure egomaniacs.

A lot of members are condescending & vain, while others are chill.
AP: We're one of the best perfection groups
VIP: we're the most elite perfection group
PD: this is not like other perfection groups

chyea right
by Trudat September 07, 2007

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