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adj. - someone who spends all of their current monies on goods and/or services, with no thought of future income -
DeMontrell just got a new dodge neon but he can't afford to put gas in it. DeMontrell is nigger rich.
by Tru-damie August 22, 2006
verb - the act of having someone's back, or watching out for a person(s) safety -
Those niggas wanted to kick my ass in the club, but DeMontrell was there to hold me down.
by Tru-damie August 24, 2006
noun - a term used to describe multiple pounds of any street drug, especially marijuana. Five pounds of marijuana equals a 5 pack.
Buyer: You doin any good over there?

Dealer: Yeah, I just picked up a five pack of kill.
by Tru-damie August 24, 2006
verb - casting a lure where someone has just caught a fish -
Once we started catching fish by the rocks, DeMontrell came over there and started nigger fishing.
by Tru-damie August 22, 2006
adj. - held together tightly, or having priorities in order -
A person wearing fresh clothes, driving a dope whip, and who also has a bomb girl is said to be quilt.
by Tru-damie August 24, 2006
adj. - stands for dracula dick (d^2), when for some reason you are pissing blood -
DeMontrell: Yo dogg, I'm D squared for real.

Friend: Damn that sucks.
by Tru-damie August 24, 2006
verb - to earn money or goods while on an errand
DeMontrell loves to make moves. Everytime I stop by his crib he's gone somewhere.
by Tru-damie September 27, 2006

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