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The cereal that is also an MC
Yo dawg, I got the new Special K!

What, the girly cereal for fat white prudes?

Naw dawg, the hot new album!
by TreeWeezel April 22, 2011
Joking name for Unitarians. This "religion" is split evenly by gender, but their actions embody the lesbian spirit. Churchgoers roll up in their Subaru/Volvo wagons wearing flannel after eating large bowls of granola.

Their social action furthers the justification for "Lesbitarian". They are more than tolerant of sexual deviants, and in fact encourage it in the name of freedom and diversity.
Where is that flotilla of station wagons full of flannel shirt-wearers going?

They're late for Lesbitarian church.
by TreeWeezel August 31, 2011
Means the group came from the west side of Long Island, ie Brooklyn.

The term can be extended to mean Philly as west coast, NYC as east coast.

Often the term is incorrectly used to describe music from California. This is wrong because that music can scarcely be called hiphop.
Dude: Beastie Boys are west coast hiphop

Man: No they're not, they're from New York!

Dude: They're from Brooklyn, and that's as far west as you want to go.
by TreeWeezel April 26, 2011
A combination of two (possibly more) words to form one word. A virtual staple on Urbandictionary.
Smoosh of hill and mountain: mill

Smoosh of lion and tiger: liger
by TreeWeezel January 17, 2012
There are two ways to say y'all: the black way and the southern way. Y'all is the black way and yall is the southern way.

Y'all is spoken with two syllables: ye-ALL. It can be heard up and down the east coast. It's just "ya" and "all" very close together.

Yall is spoken with one long syllable: YAAAWWL. It's very lazy sounding and only unashamed southerners use it.
Y'all want to hear some sick rhymes?

Yall want to hear some banjo pickin?

Y'all want to roll in my Caprice?

Yall want to ride on my tractor?
by TreeWeezel April 27, 2011
When affluent young urbanites flit to and fro trendy bars and restraunts, consuming designer snacks

- from "Zippy the Pinhead" by Bill Griffin
Let's go grazing: we'll do the whole town and get tapas, miniature desserts, sushi, designer cocktails, and whatever else is hot now.
by TreeWeezel October 05, 2011
Stereotypical virgin. Tries to compensate with annoying habits, like (barely) playing the piano.
When asked was I a virgin,
"Like some kid named Derwin?"

- De La Soul, "Jenny"

Look at little Derwin go! <plays Chopsticks>
by TreeWeezel October 25, 2011

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