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Military term for an issue that has been adressed over and over and over again. Comes from the expression ”You’re beating a dead horse.”, meaning that talking about the issue is not going to change anything so drop it.

Dead horse can also be used to describe words such as 1337, emo, and townie. There are already hundreds of similar defs for those terms, enough already their dead horses, stop beating them and move on.
Captain Snuffy - “Men, I’ve called this meeting here today to stress to you the importance of cleanliness in the barracks and to discuss the upcoming deployment to Iraq. Soldiers need to sweep out their rooms daily and...”
(2 hours later)
..and also I would like to be informed in writing when the troops have taken out the trash in the recreation room, and"
Sergeant – "SIR, WE’VE GOT IT!! It’s a dead freaking horse can we move on to other issues now?"
by Trav October 27, 2004
Iraqistan – Military slang term for the Middle East. Combines Iraq with the suffix of –istan which applies to 90% of the Muslim countries in the Middle East and central Asia i.e. Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, stan stan stan stan etc.
“Shit, the CO says that we’re having a special briefing at 1730 today at the battalion conference room. Probably going to be another pre deployment briefing.”
“Where are we going this time?”
“Shit, you pick it. Iraq, Kuwait ….....hell I don’t know somewhere in freaking Iraqistan”
“Ughh, the middle east is such a shit hole.”
by Trav February 10, 2005
Any retard in the U.S. Army that goes to the PX, buys military awards and/or decorations that they didn’t earn and then pins them on their chest so that they can go around looking like a hero. These yahoos often claim to have served in the Rangers or Force Recon or some other elite unit, but that they got out because of an injury or because they got tired of the B.S.
Private Snuffy – “Hey, that new mess sergeant is a bad ass. He served with the Rangers in Vietnam, Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq. He says that he got a field commission to Captain after he won the Silver Star but he got busted back down and kicked out of the Infantry because he punched his CO in the face.”
Sergeant – “He’s full of crap.”
Private Snuffy – “No way, I saw his rack of ribbons and his Ranger tab on his shoulder.”
Sergeant – “Damnit, haven’t you ever heard of a PX ranger? Besides. How old was he during Nam? Two?”
by Trav October 26, 2004
Slang military acronym for Rice Paddy Assault Vehicle. Refers to the utility tractors used by Korean farmers to tend their rice paddies. The vehicle looks like a cross between along skinny riding lawn mower, swamp buggy and rotor tiller with a single huge headlight. An unlimited assortment of junk that would make Inspector Gadget smile can be attached to the vehicles from tillers and fertilizers to harvesters and trailers. They are a common site/road hazard to soldiers having to drive in and around the Korean countryside since they are often used as the farmer’s primary means of transportation. They have been seen parked in front of grocery stores, bars and movie theaters.
I just saw a teenage Korean kid crusing the strip in his RPAV.
by Trav October 01, 2004
Fart grease – The sticky, foul smelling substance that builds up in the crack of your ass. It’s made up of a concoction of feces, sweat, smegma and lint..
My roommate is so nasty. He picks his ass, waits a few seconds and looks to see if anyone is around, then sniffs the fart grease on his fingers.
by Trav October 01, 2004
Military term for a newbie or green troop. Refers to the pitiful cue ballish hair cut that new recruits get during basic training.
Get ready. We’re supposed to get in 6 new onion heads this week.
by Trav September 27, 2004
To fart in one place and then string along a trail of funk into another.
Dude! Next time sling that thing off outside. Don’t click and drag.
by Trav September 27, 2004
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