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ka sounds just like it looks. ka. when i was younger and my parents took us to mass, there was always a chinese couple who sat in front of us, caddy corner, indian style on the pew. one day, the woman must have had some sinus congestion or something, so out of nowhere, she begins to sneeze. after a few unproductive sneezes, she gathers her phlegm and watch out - KA - it went flying in the church. KA is the sound she made as her mucus flew and joined the choir sitting in front of us. (ok, well, i dont know where it really went, but it was funny as hell and we laugh about it to this day!
by tracey January 17, 2005
1) a pyscho stalker, albino like who works at Emedco (the def he created it and yet defies it). His wacky ways puts p-dogging to the further extreminity. Scary like.
2) Doesnt know when to leave me the fuck alone.
3) Repulsive.
That dude is such a pyscho, he's acting like whitey, what a stalker!!
by tracey January 13, 2005
a girl who is EASY! Usually fucks very early on in the realtionship.
earth girls are easy.
by Tracey April 27, 2004
A very square, cheesy person who constantly makes an arsehold of his/herself
God I wish he'd leave me alone...he's a right cheeser
by Tracey August 29, 2003
weird or worrying or out of place. or stateing the obvious.
you have homework today " well shocking".
by tracey March 24, 2004
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