36 definitions by Tracey

The gonads
God, he kicked me in the doo daas!
by Tracey August 29, 2003
Another name for those really big prey mantis type bugs.
"my god, look at the size of that antiwampuszapperflapper!"
by Tracey February 15, 2004
The anus
Ive gotta go have a crap...it's in the departure lounge!
by Tracey August 29, 2003
See definitions of the following phrases. Both combined can be used to describe phaneuter: fanooter; phanooter
I can smell your stinky phaneuter from here.
by tracey June 20, 2004
u iz a cool person
replace person with 'beachie' so u iz a cool beachie
by tracey March 24, 2004
A claytons version of a poofter
I am just pretending to be gay, because it is apparently trendy
by Tracey December 08, 2003
Gettin up to no good...hi jinx
Makin fun of men with dodgy hairpieces
by Tracey August 29, 2003

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