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What I've got going on down there
I've got a hrd wood floor in my pants.
by Tracey September 17, 2003
When someone becomes so overly excited or high on drugs that they begin to act stupidly to a point of extremity.
i'm feeling spazmaplastic
What a spazmaplastic
He/she is having a spazmaplastic fit
by Tracey February 15, 2004
To put stones in one's pockets means one is going to commit suicide. This term comes from the method of suicide employed by Virginia Woolf when she put a large stone in her pocket and walked into a river to drown herself.
That concert was so boring I was about to put stones in my pockets.
by Tracey December 28, 2003
The action (and noise relating to this action) of piercing open a jar with a paper/foil seal on top, usually done with a spoon for best effect!
That poink made a very satisfying noise!


Can you poink the new jar of coffee for me?
by Tracey November 20, 2003
Panties that smell of fish/piss
I dare'nt open me legs...I got codcacks!!
by Tracey September 13, 2003
A fish like smell eminating from a woman's vagina...usually due to using the wrong soap, commonly thought by men to be a unwashed fanny but what do they know!!
Nice lips but her waf stunk a bit fishy!
by Tracey August 29, 2003
The gonads
God, he kicked me in the doo daas!
by Tracey August 29, 2003

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