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What the word 'sandwich' can sound like when said.

A misspelling of the word 'sandwich'.
I assume you are looking up samwidge because you are bored
by TQWEE January 02, 2010
The hair that isn't part of your fringe that keeps falling onto your face as part of your fringe, but just gets in the way because it's too long to be a fringe.
Every time I brush my hair, the wannabe fringe keeps invading
by Tqwee September 17, 2010
A word used to add a topic to a convosation without actually having to think. It can also start a convosation and end awkward silences.
You: So...
You: Cheese!
Friend: Cheese?
You: Yea, cheese
Friend: Potaoes
You: Cheesy potatoes?
continued convo of randomness unless it develops
by Tqwee October 24, 2009
Noun: The gesture of making a turtle with your hands to signify and awkward moment

Adjective: To describe an uncomfortable moment
Noun: She made an Awkward Turtle

Adjective: That was awkward turtle as!
by TQWEE December 15, 2009

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