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normal exists only as a setting on dryers and washing machines, the setting that makes everything fade away and wear out. normal is a really sucky setting.
all my clothes are all so faded because my little cousins are too lazy to set the washing machine themselves and always use the normal setting.............
by TorY July 07, 2004
when you are overcome by the sudden beautiful presence of cristin! it makes you hop up and down on one foot in excitement, and it also makes your blood pressure go so high that you will probably get a heart attack and die ;( so cristin is a murderer! :O so even if you <333 cristin stay away from her or else you will get CRISTINITIS!!!
My grandfather died from cristinitis when he saw cristin yesterday. ;(
by tory March 10, 2005
"Laughing silently in my head." Created because 99% of the time "lol" is a lie.
aimuser1: abbrev.'s piss me off
me: lsimh
by Tory March 21, 2005
a loser who thinks hes cool
haha what a loser
by tory April 16, 2003
this is not a word, please try again.
Fa-shoozle snoozle doodle
by Tory November 11, 2003
So awesome.
Did you see that guy trip and fall? That was sause-um!
by Tory November 19, 2003
One who picks another's nose, possible on who eats it too
That derf! He, HE ATE IT!
by Tory November 11, 2003

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