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Bodily waste discharged through the anus during defecation; excrement. I. E. the solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels.

Assloaf is also commonly used as an insult to the incompetent and idiodic.
Jimmy, will you excuse me? I must go pinch an assloaf.

Matt, why did you leave the MVP Baseball 2005 on all night and not save it, You fucking assloaf?
by Tophizzle April 16, 2005

A cybersex session with more than 4 people.
Dude, last night I had a cyborgy with like 8 lesbian cheerleaders.
by tophizzle January 08, 2006
Dried / crusty male ejaculate. Thus expelled and left to sit until dried.
Jenny awoke only to find her face covered in manchalk.
by Tophizzle April 22, 2005
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