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n. a person with a physical or mental handicap that is somehow very capabale and has a certain joi de vivre.
He will never make it to head grocery bagger, but he sure is a gotard.
by TonyTony June 09, 2005
n. another term for vomit. Specifically the type that comes into the back of your throat, i.e.baby throwupwhile watching a horror movie in a theatre.
1. I was so scared watching Amityville Horror I tasted Movie Hotdogs.

2. We took the corner so fast, that I had movie hotdogs.
by TonyTony June 09, 2005
1.adj. Describing the state completley opposite of perfection or ideallic.
2.adj. Not good, or more specifically fucked up.
1. wife: "My Mother is coming to dinner on Sunday."
husband: "Perfect"
2. Mechanic: "We are going to need to replace all of the belts on your car, but we can have it done by 5pm."
Customer: "Perfect"
by TonyTony June 09, 2005
An incredible garage band that should have gone bigtime. Home grown in Davis, CA
Lawsuit's best album was Third Rail Power Trip
by TonyTony June 09, 2005

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