266 definitions by Tony

the penis, cock, hog, wang, etc
i paid this chick 37 cents to play my cum trumpet.
by tony January 28, 2004
A blowjob.
get down on your knees and smile like a donut.
by Tony December 08, 2003
a black midget.. The words Nigger and Midget put together...
Tony is one of the smallest, darkest nidgets I have ever seen.
by Tony December 09, 2004
Electrical Engineering. The art of designing electrical circuits with mathematic models and theory.

Or refers to students of. Often sleep deprived nerds around campus who have nothing to do but study together and do homework while having lame conversations about computers or cool shit you could build.
I knew this EE guy who built this cool thing for my amp.
by Tony April 10, 2005
A pretty new industrial metal band, close friends to System of a Down. The 7 member band, which includes a lead singer, a bassist, a drummer, two guitarists, and two keyboardists, is quickly gaining a reputation for both the quality of their music and their crazy live performances. Also known to be gun freaks, every single member owns atleast one gun, their lead singer got in trouble for firing a real shotgun into the air when they were on stage at Ozzfest. The ultimate anti-boy band, coming in at a time when almost every other band turned pop(metallica, korn) or were pop from the begining(Linkin Park, Mudvayne).
American Head Charge is band that cares about the quality of their music, it's life and death for them.
by Tony March 08, 2004
a noise made by many strake/st. agnes students to indicate a range of emotions including (but not limited to) regret, embarrassment, uncertainty, disgust, and hesitant disagreement. used best with a hand motion of both hands, palm out, shaking back and forth as if to say "not me." we think it came from mrs. mouton, but we can't be totally sure.
"i just ran a red light and now that cop is following me. ulll..."
by Tony April 03, 2005
when the breasts of a woman extend down to or past her belly button.
Damn, grandma has some hangy tits!!
Yeah but her pussy is still tighter than a turtles ass isnt it?
by tony January 24, 2004

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