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The worst kind of evil. EVER. Right up there with sweatshops
Why would anyone in their right mind ever want to shop at Wal-Mrt anyway? All they do is put other hard-working people out of business, not to mention market their stores with those pathetic ad campaigns...
by tony April 12, 2004
A deserted and dangerous road located off Route 23 in West Milford, NJ. This place has become infamous due to the strange activity which occurs at night. This includes satanic cults, kkk gatherings, ghost sightings, and some kind of hell hound.
Beware, don't go on Clinton Road at night.
by Tony November 09, 2004
When you're having sex and the girl is on top and she reaches back and tugs on your sack. She can also run her long fingernails all over it while tugging.
Erin was riding the hell out of me last night and then she reahed back and grabbed my boys. I didn't know she was a nut tugger too!
by Tony August 19, 2004
acronym for: Fiery Anal-Piss Symdrome.
known in some circles as the most god awful form of diarrhea.

when you blow out your bowels in such a way it resembles piss coming from your asshole. there are usually no chunks present when you have the F.A.P.S., but there is an extreme burning sensation when finished.
I think i ate a bad clam or something yesterday, i can't get off the pot because of the F.A.P.S.
by tony August 12, 2004
another word for confidence booster
I need a penis enlarger bad
by tony June 02, 2004
The fat upper pussy area (a.k.a. Gal Gut, Female tummy pouch, or "The Tire" - C.S.)
Belly shirts should be illegal on fat girls, its nasty how the FUPA is busting out. (or) Shes skinny except for the FUPA, it looks like she has a Michellin around her waist.
by Tony February 15, 2004
when a girls twat is soooooo hairy she looks like she stepped out of a porno from the 70's.
No, I'm a 70's earth momma and this is my muff.
by tony January 24, 2004
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