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it means awwwwweee mainly used by Puertorican said DITO
awwwe that kid fell down... dito.... hehe
by tony January 20, 2005
Metallica album released in 1991, it was officially self-titled, it was nicknamed "black album" after the completely dark black art cover. Metallica's most popular album, sold over 10 million copies.
the Black Album may have made them the biggest selling heavy metal band, but Master of Puppets is their best album in my opinion.
by Tony March 10, 2004
a flame is a tirade. The flamer may be quite articulate and intelligent as they question the upbringing of the flamee. One can also flame about a third party to a conversation. Finally, a flame may be from an idiot, in response to a resonable post from someone else.
by tony October 20, 2003
John Bonham's (drummer of Led Zeppelin)
Nickname, taken from an old english comic strip dog
Without Bonzo Led Zeppelin wouldn't be even half as good
by tony October 05, 2003
Ghetto-ass town nice place to leave

Worse than compton

Puros nacos incluyendo me a mi
Mother in law: so were is he from?
Wife: Laredo
Mother in law: you need a divorce

Boss: Where are you from?
Employee: Laredo
Boss: your fired

Guy1: Adonde vas?
Guy2: Laredo
Guy1: pinche naco
by Tony December 07, 2004
A Rap group on the rise from harlem, The Purple City Byrd Gang consists of Shiest Bub, Un Kasa and Agallah also members of the Harlem Diplomats, Cam'Ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana sold over 80,000 mixtapes on the street.
"That's us that Purple City Byrd Gang!"
by TONY March 11, 2005
A condition in which a place of business puts a temporary halt on the hiring of new employees. This is often the result of the CEO purchasing a new yacht or Fiji beach home and usually means that employees of said company should start looking for new jobs.
"Thank you for interviewing with us, but management has just initiated a hiring freeze. We will be keeping your resume on file. I am going to go kill myself now."
by Tony November 15, 2004
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