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1. to break or destroy something beyond belief
2. to take something un-breakable and defy physics by some how managing to break it
3. being clumsy in a amazing fashion

History: with origins in a group of friends from East Melbourne, Australia from long ago, fizzed has quickly become one of the most used words in the region to describe destruction by any single individual
I can't believe you broke that, bro you just fizzed it.
by the legend of group 1 December 17, 2012
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To consume alcohol faster than the liver can process it; to get drunk.
Let's get together and get fizzed all night.
by Tony February 03, 2005
Wasted. Fucked up.
Dude, last night I drank hella brew and got totally fizzed. Then I pissed in the sink.
by evil adam May 28, 2004
When a woman is in a relationship with a man, and the man tells her not to talk to her guy friends. So hence the Guy Friends no longer can talk to the women.
Dude, Sandy won't answer, Im getting totally fizzed.
by Stephon Virtuez July 31, 2010
When you fart and jizz at the same time
After eating a taco and seeing his girlfriend naked he fizzed
by Jake Zudi January 05, 2011

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