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1. a selfless, big-hearted man who will give everything he has to anyone who needs it without a complaint, or hanging what he does over anyone's head.

2. a great friend who doesn't surrender to the "friend zone" and who is victorious in obtaining the heart of his affection.

3. a temperamental man who attracts and arouses a woman's interest by his complex personality and enigmatic ways.
1. The way you swept me off my feet makes you an amazing Demarcus.
by Amanda Nicole Romanach March 12, 2009
that random black kid that thinks he's fabulous.
that diva was totally a DEMARCUS!
by shawty143 December 30, 2010
A male name common to the black community. Usually have big feet and big anacondas. Most love white girls. Very popular guys and very generous.
Similar to Bible name, Damascus.
I am going to name my black baby boi Demarcus!
by Fireflies January 27, 2009