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Unofficial as in Unofficial St. Patrick's Day. It is the main drinking event on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign during the year. It usually occurs a few weeks before actual St. Patrick's Day. Students wake up on Friday and begin the festivities around 8AM, while some begin as early as 6. People walk around with beer in their hands, Nalgene bottles filled with a cornucopia of alcoholic beverages. The bars open at 11AM, though they used to open at 8, and green beer is EVERYWHERE. People go to class and take quizzes wasted, campus police guard the large lecture halls, city police guard the residence halls, and best of all, the drinking goes on ALL DAY LONG. God bless America.
Dude 1-"Dude, it's 9am on Unofficial and I'm not wasted yet."
Dude 2-"That blows, here, I filled my Nalgene with vodka, drink up."
by TomL March 30, 2006
When you want a girl to twerk on your lap
Kemisha its been 9 years toml already
by TOML May 26, 2014
2 guys putting their hairy testicles on your head
Last night I got drunk, went home with 2 guys and ended up with dog ears.
by TomL December 01, 2006

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