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A term used to describe when you have had an amazing/top night! You had a constant smile, in fits of laughter (FOL)and you will always remember it. TOML stands for Time Of My Life!
Last night we had pure TOML.

I want to have TOML later. I hope Holly brush's her teeth.
by Ferri Kountain February 15, 2009
Acronym for "That Others May Live." Which is the condensed version of the motto for USAF Combat Search and Rescue.

The full line is: "These Things We Do, That Others May Live."
"Man, that was a shitty mission." "yeah, TOML mate."
by Whiskey_Yankee September 07, 2011
Time Of My Life
Brian: Oh maan i went fishing last night, i had the toml
Patrick: Mate that's crazy!
by Bipisthebiz August 08, 2008
When you want a girl to twerk on your lap
Kemisha its been 9 years toml already
by TOML May 26, 2014
This describes the perfect night all key aspects to the best night. It stands for Time Of My Life! Pure excitement expressed on a persons face and LOL'in about the place.
Webber head - I had TOML with TTC last night. I reckon that Thailand whiskey Samg som helped me woop woop.

Amy B init - I had curry last night with the parents was so nice, I would say TOML.

Keith - went to kiss Holly and the breath made me feel ill it was nowhere near TOML.
by white legs founts February 26, 2009
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