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A song from the now defunct Philadelphian band Yaoi.

Was about a woman cheating on her abusive husband.
"Schpunesfazel, schpunesfazel!" is the chorus of the song by the same name by the band Yaoi.
by toee December 02, 2006
An amazing DJ with such hits as Overdose, Loneliness and Prozac. Is a cult status figure.
I was listening to dj tomcraft the other day, they should put his songs in DDR
by toee December 02, 2006
A pictogram that was spawned of the Heartagram. Instead of a heart that is shaped as a pentagram with a circle, it lost the circle, and where the points of the triangle are became swirls.

There are two variations of the Hartigan, one in which there is still a triangle but the points are swirls, and one in which there is no triangle and the heart has a cleft down the middle.

Can also be called a Heartigan. Was originally named a Hartigan after the character Hartigan of Sin City, and because of it's extremely close resemblance to the Heartagram.
All the emo kids were drawing Heartagrams on their books, but instead we drew a Hartigan.
by toee November 13, 2006
The european (specifically French) version of the Easter Bunny. Except it's a bell. A giant bell that goes from house to house giving kids candy. wtf? It first came to North Americans attention when David Sedaris (the homosexual writer) pointed out how ridiculous a bell going from house to house is. However, the idea of a bunny is just as pathetic.
Here we have the Easter Bunny, but there they have the Easter Bell.
by toee April 16, 2006
A town in Pennsylvania that is technically part of Bristol. It is very aptly named, because Edgely seems to be on the edge of civiliation. There is not one store, laundromat, doctor's office, fast food joint, mall, or park there. It is just houses, and that's it. It is a depressing little town, if rich.
There is nothing to do in Edgely, it's a sad little town.
by Toee August 31, 2006
The opposite of being pantsed or shanked - instead of pulling one's pants down, it's when someone goes and either pulls up or rips one's shirt off.
I was minding my own business when some guy came up and tanked me!
by toee November 14, 2008
An amazingly disgusting product that is both peanut butter and jelly conbined in one jar. It can be found at most American supermarkets.
Today I went to the store to get some goober grape, it tastes like shit but at least you only have to spread on one substance.
by toee May 17, 2006

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