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75 definitions by Toee

Hearts for eyes. Used as an emoticon. It shows when you are so in love with someone your eyes light up in the shape of hearts.
c00l e 0 : He's soooooo sexii.
c00l e 0 : <3_<3 , lolz
by toee September 20, 2006
50 6
An amazing actor from the UK, he has been in three Quentin Tarantino movies, his most famous role being Mr. Orange in Resevoir Dogs.

Timmy isn't exactly the greatest looking guy, but he has a charisma that makes him extremely sexy. In fact, he has a large female fanbase who adores him. He is what Philadelphians would call Sexjewgly.

Also, despite popular belief, he is not Jewish. At least, not by blood.
Tim Roth should've been Snape.

He was great in Resevoir Dogs...
by toee May 05, 2006
45 3
When two black men and a white man have a threesome, the blacks on the outside. This creates an oreo, since it looks just like the cookie. Also, there is the reverse oreo, with two whites on the outside and a black on the in.
You can have a gay oreo if you round up three gay dudes, two black and one white.
by toee May 16, 2006
68 28
Also called Cleaners, many hitmen today do very unexciting work. Mostly just making people's spouses (who they've paid to off them)look like they accidentally got in a car crash. Unlike in the movies, hitmen can be old, out of shape, unsophistocated, unrelated to any mobs and can also occasionally be women. Hitmen don't kill because they like it, necessarily, just because they like the money.

See cleaner. Also, they are in an off way related to bounty hunters, who are self employed persons who hunt for hitment.
The hitman was paid 10 grand to off the woman's husband.

"It's nothing personal, it's just business," the hitman said as he put the gun to his head.
by toee May 17, 2006
62 23
A fictional Sado-Masochist from the film Ichi the Killer. Played by the brilliant Tadanobu Asano, it's this character that gave Ichi the Killer it's edge. Kakihara is a young gangster who likes to hurt himself and has odd facial scarring. He goes in pursuit of his dead boss and lover, Anjo, but along the way adopts the gang and tries to get Ichi to kill him. He also has creepy twin friends who engage in s+m with him.

Believe me, it's one badass character.
Kakihara cuts off the tip of his tongue, and get this, for pretty much just shits and giggles.
by toee May 05, 2006
54 15
One of the sexiest stars from out of Japan. Ryuhei was born in 1983 to the equally famous Yusaku and Miyuki Matsuda. Since then he has gone on to become an actor and model in Japan, but his popularity is spreading. He doesn't speak english, is 6', and took his first acting role at the age of 15.
Omg...Ryuhei Matsuda is so freaking sexy.
by toee April 12, 2006
34 1
When the entire senior class decides to stage a walk out in the middle of the day. Usually done in the second semester, and sometimes is even the senior prank (but mostly there is the prank, and the walk out).
Tomorrow, we're staging a senior walk out.
by toee January 31, 2007
33 4