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To climb upon, or tackle an individual for no apparent reason. to climb in another's lap unannounced.
Man, I just pulled a awesome Great Dane on Jackie.
by DefaultYates December 20, 2009
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When a bro grabs another man's balls and gently squeezes. Must be a surprise and should last no longer than 3 seconds. Completely not gay, unless said squeeze lasts longer than the maximum time. One alternative is the Greyhound, which consists of reaching from behind in between the legs rather than the more traditional side grab.
I gave Dan a great dane and he liked it in a completely non-Gay way.
by The Righteous Fist December 05, 2008
A girl who is a 9 or up on a 1 to 10 rating and deserves being pointed out to your friends
Yo mike look at the great dane by the cashier
by mike o. June 19, 2009
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