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when a girl is sucking a guy off he shoots cum in her eyes so she cant see....and she walks around with her arms extended looking for a towel to wipe her eyes with.....looking like a zombie
adam gave adriana the zombie this morning she fell down ....full thriller style.
by tink July 19, 2004
Undergarment worn throughout ages, to redefine the sape of a woman's body(mostly into an hourglass); usually by cinching the waist, and pushing up the breasts. Originally lined with whale bone for support, and laced up the back; now is available in many different styles, materials, and shapes. Current-day it is no longer JUST worn as an undergarment, but is commonly worn as part of an outfit usually durring the nocturnal hours. Favored garment by the goth or gothic genre.
DUrring different eras, muntiple shapes were achieved. i.e. Edwardian, Elisibethan, Victorian, Valentine, exc.. Also in Overbust (to cover the breasts) or Underbust(stops below breasts).
The tighter the better.
by Tink January 24, 2005
100% lovable freaky girl
someone like my bestest friend
by Tink January 27, 2005
Brought on by too much activity below the belt line! Results in a dull pain in the area of the gouche.
Man, i knocked out tuns last nite and now i ave got wank cramp! dude it went bloody every where!
by Tink September 14, 2003
A real idiot who fails every thing that is atempted. And stangley enjoys the mockery that comes with being a Grade A goobatron!
Hey goobatron way to fuck up! Again!
by Tink September 08, 2003
Muff Wagon orriginated when females decided to go "cruising" in their cars and search for guys. It is almost the opposite of a sausage fest; however, a sausage fest can occur at any place. A muff wagon is limited to a car full of dirty ho's who think they are hot, and do not keep their auzzie hair in order.
Hey dude, look at that muff wagon, its full of those crazy ho's we saw last night.
by Tink April 25, 2004
what the rudeboys call the goths
muddafukin goffniks
by tink May 03, 2004

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