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One who touches dinks (aka penises)
That guy is such a dinktoucher
by Timmay January 16, 2005
Microsoft Office Spell Check
I tried to spell check my email, but I had to cross reference the word I wanted to use with m-w.com because Office spell check is the worst one.
by Timmay June 23, 2003
An over abused phrase by a politician with a frankenstein-like face.
"I have a plan.... to tell you the opposite of whatever my oponent says.... then tell you my plan after I am elected."
by timmay October 14, 2004
The way that marcos says True
Yes Marcos, it is cha-rue if you drop the treo it will break!
by Timmay June 29, 2004
The crude nickname for FilePlanet, a download site for game demos and other such stuff. The site requires you to wait in line for most servers, for long periods of time. It acquired the name WaitPlanet for this practice.
I was getting a file at WaitPlanet and missed my turn, now I gotta wait another hour.
by Timmay May 25, 2004
1)The space in between a female's legs where a male can find himself pretending he's at an all you can eat seafood extravaganza, hands tied and no utencils.

2)The genetalia of a particular breed of Asian dogs.
My head hurts so bad the only thing that would make me feel better is a face full of chow-box.
by Timmay November 28, 2003
a wonderful instrument of vaginal pleasure composed by a jelly-filled dildo. wiggly and makes a snapping sound when slapped on the ass.
To avoid getting the ass clap, steve used a massive jelly dong on his playmate roger.
by timmay January 17, 2004
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