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What for; What are you doing that for? Also; What is that for?

Pronounced: Woot-fo

When people have no idea of something and stand there looking cross-eyed, while asking you stupid questions about your sport or job.

See also Wuffo (skydiving)
Your having a conversation about jumping off a bridge, skydiving or anything really... and the person who your speaking to has glazed over eyes and keeps asking you, What do you do THAT for? They are a Wutfo!...

Shut Up Wutfo go try it yourself!
by Tiger6513 October 26, 2009
The act of being truthfull. Being honest. Telling the truth.
I ain't lyin this is the straightupness truth brotha!
by Tiger6513 October 28, 2009
Full Taint Distance

The full measure of distance from one's scrotum to one's asshole.
That was a close one that dude kicked you right in the balls any further and you would have been at FTD.

TFJ at FTD ; Total Fuck Job at Full Taint Distance
by Tiger6513 October 29, 2009
This is an orgasm of the brain, when you want to "bust a nut" but not really, being overly happy when a straight friend helps you out.
Will helped me figure out that I didn't need to pay an HVAC guy 100 bucks for a tripped fuse when I thought my AC unit shit the bed, I had a Braingasm right there on the spot!
by Tiger6513 August 31, 2010
Total Fuck Job

Absolutely and undenyably retarded; beaten to submission; made to look like an ass
The TFJ's on Wall Street did wonders for the economy and the housing market.

Tiger Woods golf for x-box brings out the TFJ in all of us when we blow a shot.
by Tiger6513 October 29, 2009

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