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The act of searching for a person using google search to see what you can find out.
I totally gstalked him. I found out he played flag football two years ago, competed in the triathlons and had a hideous picture on his company's website.
by Tiffipedia June 24, 2008
A gflirt is a person that uses the google chat function to flirt with another person.

9:25 PM thisiswhyi'mhot: So you know not to come knockin
9:26 PM me: cuz the cruise ship is rockin
I can't believe you actually typed that message. You are such a gflirt.
by Tiffipedia June 24, 2008
A gfriend is a person that you are friends with on the google chat function, but you wouldn't actually talk to on the street.
I don't really know her. We are just gfriends.
by Tiffipedia June 24, 2008
The act of conversing using the chat function on google mail.
9:15 PM me: you watching the uga game?
AmandaHugankiss: Nah, a movie on fx instead
I take you are
me: no, beth and her friend mere have control
9:16 PM Amanda Hugankiss: Bastards!
We weren't able to talk in person. We had a Gchat.

by Tiffipedia June 24, 2008
(verb) Gsinging is the act of synchronizing status messages between multiple google talk users to write out the lyrics of a song.
We were so bored at work today, we were Gsinging Shawty Get Loose. I had the first line. She had the second line, and he had the third.
by Tiffipedia July 10, 2008
Noun. A Gbff is your best friend forever on gchat. Usually used in a sarcastic method.
Dude, I was totally picked up by a gstalker. Now, all he does is gchat me all day. He thinks he is like my gbff or something. If he only knew I have a real boyfriend.
by Tiffipedia July 10, 2008
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