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The act of searching for a person using google search to see what you can find out.
I totally gstalked him. I found out he played flag football two years ago, competed in the triathlons and had a hideous picture on his company's website.
by Tiffipedia June 24, 2008
when ones utilizes all of google's services to their maximum potential in stalking people , with no other purpose then to satisfy their own self- destructive, obsessive-compulsive needs. feed the fire.
my girlfriend gstalks me-- she needs to find every virtual tidbit from my present and past, so she can dwell on it and make herself unhappy.
by madlib-marta April 23, 2009
When you stalk someone, usually a celebrity, on google.
Bro stop G-stalking her man you're way out of her league
by Mr Del Sanchez May 05, 2009
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