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Short for teen-ager, a "teen" is the term used to perpetuate the stereotype teen-ager who is rebelious, watches MTV, listens to pop, rap, country, rock, and/or punk rock, and looked down upon by the older and/or more mature community.
"Those stupid teens make us normal teen-agers look bad."
by this guy September 17, 2004
The stereotypes of the Internet. They are generally recognized by their horrible grammar and spelling, annoying and disruptive behavior, and huge egos. They can also be recognized by typing in alternating caps(as seen in my example)for entire conversations for no apparent reason. Though they may not even use AOL, this is what the rest of society labels them as.
"hEy gUrL iM A sk8Er bOi aNd iM sTuPiD as hELL cAuSe i cAnt eVeN wRiTe cOrrEcTlY mUcH lEss rEaD mY gRaMMer suks BTW aNd i dUnno wHat pUncUaTioN is OMG LOLOLOLOLZ~~~!!!1 hEy do u hAve tHe neWeSt cd oF tHe bAnd wE luv sO mUcH OMG LOLOLOLOL~~~!!!1 ur cool lolz hEy i g2g ttyl cya byez OMG LOLOLOL~~~!!!1"
by this guy September 17, 2004
A response when the guilty party is unknown, or when the person responsible does not want to incriminate themselves.
Joe:Hey, who drank the last Pepsi Twist?
by This Guy December 23, 2004
awesome cartoon on ebaumsworld under animation

About how the world will soon end b/c of the USA andnukes
"Man, the end of the world is so fuckin hilarious, i fuckin pissed my pants and almost shit in them, BIOTCH!"
by this guy June 09, 2004
One without chin; chinless wonder
Quiksilvr of GTA Forums
by This Guy March 29, 2005
The menstral blood from a murse.

"The good news is, she ain't pregnant."
"You crazy bitch, you left miquid all over my sheets!"
by This Guy July 05, 2004
A fun term to call any vehicle you are using at that moment even if it does happen to be a freakin' piece.
Ladies cant wait to get up in my honeywagon but they have to crawl in through the back cause my doors are jammed.
by This Guy November 17, 2003

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