12 definitions by Thibodeaux

Having a texas sized, shapely posterior.
That girl was sporting some texass beef
by thibodeaux June 09, 2003
A shiny and reflective penis
I'm so rich I got a bling-a-ling!
by thibodeaux June 09, 2003
1) Fantasy of millions of inmates. 2) Astronomical amount of increast sexual prowace.
My new car is going to bring me some band boy ass!
by Thibodeaux June 12, 2003
Name for a unusually small penis.
Look at your little Pete-o
by thibodeaux March 02, 2005
A man who looks over the urinal partition to sneak a peak at another's private parts.
That scouter was scamming on my squirrel like a son of a bitch.
by thibodeaux June 06, 2003

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