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Being worthless and having nothing to live for.
That guy is as worthless as an old broke dick dog.
by thibodeaux June 09, 2003
A person high on crack cocaine who jumps out of the bushes and tries to sell you something (usually stolen)so they can support their habbit.
The crack monster jumped out and tried to sell me a dishwasher and a half eaten hamburger.
by thibodeaux June 09, 2003
Apperence of green feces after consuming anything with purple or blue food coloring.(i.e. grape drinks)
Man my crap is green, I must have the guacamole splatters.
by thibodeaux June 09, 2003
One having both characteristics of a dick (pecker), and a weasel. An all around worthless individual.
That guy is such a pecker weasel, we should kick his ass.
by thibodeaux June 09, 2003
To sell cocaine
My uncle used to flip snow to pay his bills.
by thibodeaux June 09, 2003
A bus filled with mormon missionaries being transfered to another area within a defined mission boundry.
Waiting for the transfer train is so boring!
by thibodeaux March 02, 2005
Sexual position where as the man lies on his back with the woman straddling facing his feet. After orgasm the woman stands up in place and walks backwards untill she is over her partners chest. Then she proceedes to deficate on his chest.
My girl gave me a reverse cowgirl with a steamer lastnight. Even though it was messy, it was awesome!
by thibodeaux June 09, 2003

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