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The epitome of all that is good and just in America. White picket fences, unpretentious rich people, real family life (unlike the ostentatious MoCo lifestyle), crabs on a summer Sunday, keggers in the woods, Route 40, and the lack of boarding schools.
MoCo kids honestly think that by talking about how "rich" they are that they will magically be wealthy; HoCo kids don't need to talk about it or have someone else affirm their opulence- they know they've got it waiting in the fund.
by The Game March 22, 2005
A dead rapper.He was a member of the Black Wall Street", from Compton California
RIP Billboard, an up and coming rapper who never got the chance to make it big
by The Game January 12, 2005
What happins to a womens inner thighs after too much innercourse with many partners.
"Damn B, Beth's P-Jawn is freekin' gapped." or "I banged Susan until she was gapped."
by The Game February 09, 2003
fake ass rapper named 50 cent who sucks and wouldnt do shit without eminem and dre.
Oh shit curtis got shot again.
by The Game March 13, 2005
What happens when rough fabric rubs onto your nipples and causes chafed scabby nipples.
"My basketball jersey fucked up my nips dude, I think I have The Shivs." or "I feel bad, biting Karen's breasts may have givin her The Shivs."
by The Game February 09, 2003
The verb of hectic; i.e. "cool, great, an expression of being a 'badman"
Militant, hecticity, rude, sick brare. bo!
by The Game November 08, 2003
A motha fuckin poser that tries too hard with being friends with better gangstas then him
motha fuckin poser!!!!
by The Game April 15, 2005

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