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1. doing something the wrong way
The electrical work was done assbackwards, causing many fires.

The toilet was installed assbackwards. That's why it smells like shit in here.
by The Bucktooth Robot June 24, 2009
1. a sneaky way to say Jo Mama.
Boss - I need a telephone number for Joseph Mama.
Secretary - Just a moment......Hey! Wait a second.
Boss - HA HA HA
Secretary - You got me! (You dumb son of a bitch)
by The Bucktooth Robot June 24, 2009
1. A fat, clean-shaven vagina with small, tight labia.
Although appearing bruised and swollen, her pussy lips formed a nice, compact panty ham.
by The Bucktooth Robot June 25, 2009
1. Male canines of any breed that must, when approaching a human female, stuff their muzzles deep into the human female's vaginal area (hot box). This is often accompanied by leg humping and red rocket intrusion. If the female subject is compliant, mounting and subsequent dry humping can happen. Ejaculation, while rare, has been known to occur.
Rex was a champion panty hound. He had won the coveted "Golden Panty" award 3 years in a row. Rex could detect pre-menstral women from 10 miles away. Rex could say things like "run for your life!" and "lock the doors!".
by The Bucktooth Robot June 24, 2009
1. a big,fat pussy that resembles a wall of meat
A bloody string was hanging from her meat fence, but it didn't matter because she gave me head instead.
by The Bucktooth Robot June 24, 2009
1. Butt lovin', cum drinkin' fag of any name. It's a sneaky way of saying that someone is "as queer as a three dollar bill".
Me: That guy's a regular three dollar william.

My Imaginary Girlfriend: Oh, that's why he smells like ass.

Me: He also has dried up cum on his nose, just like you this morning.

My Imaginary Girlfriend: Yeah, I like that a lot!!!
by The Bucktooth Robot June 26, 2009
Huge, 1 inch, multi-headed warts on either side of a pussy. It looks like a mounted deer rack if the front of the deer's head were removed.
I tried to give her oral, but she bucked me off with her cuntlers.

I dodged her cuntlers to give her oral and ended up with warts all over my face.
by The Bucktooth Robot June 25, 2009
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