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Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records. In information studies and related fields, FRBR (pronounced Fur-bur) refers to basic informational standards required to produce efficiency and accuracy during record retrieval in electronic catalogs. A catalog is said to be "FRBRized" when a search for an item produces all or most records for that item, regardless of edition and sometimes format. For instance, a search for The Stand by Stephen King in a FRBRized catalog produces a single entry for the work, rather than dozens of catalog entries for the different editions, audiobooks, etc.

Incidentally, the urbandictionary appears to be somewhat FRBRized as the alphabetic scroll along the left-hand side has a single link to produce myriad definitions for some terms.
Player 1: Is this a FRBR catalog?
Player 2: What about fur burgers?
Player 1: No, fur-bur, Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records.
by The Anarchist in the Library July 31, 2010
The science and practice of being a douche at a whole other level.
Prior to becoming a governor, Scott Walker earned his PhD in doucherocketry.
by The Anarchist in the Library March 10, 2011
Waterboarding, the harsh interrogation technique used by the CIA and other agencies during the War on Terror.
I thought torture was illegal!
Well, if we make it sound enough like surfing, it isn't. Call it spy surfing.
Facebook, the most addictive website in the world. Also 'crackbook.' In some circumstances, smackbook may be more appropriate to say than crackbook.
Yesterday I spent 14 hours on smackbook, which now rivals only my heroine addiction in competition for my free time.

"Hey man, I saw your girlfriend dumped you on crackbook! You are one pathetic loser!"
"Seriously, I am so done with this smackbook."
by The Anarchist in the Library April 29, 2009
Any area of your body that is typically not covered by clothing, on which you have tattoos. Applied most commonly to the forearms and hands.
Player 1: Hey bro, how did your job interview go?
Player 2: Boss told me I got the job, but I'll have to cover up my unemployment zone.

Player 1: Dude, I am so pumped! Tomorrow I get sleeved!
Player 2: Does your boss at that law firm know you're about to enter the unemployment zone?
by The Anarchist in the Library April 15, 2009

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