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facebook. the most addictive website in the world.
'I tried crackbook for the first time the other day. I said I'd just use it once but I keep going back for more and more.'
by Cowboy Jim April 16, 2007
106 22
facebook (can also be abbreviated as "cb")
"Today I had two papers and two finals due, but I couldn't stop taking quizzes on crackbook." or "I check crackbook before I have my morning coffee- is this wrong?"
by deebeeX March 19, 2009
11 4
A synonym for Facebook. As in, as good as crack.
Holy fuck that crackbook is addictive!
by Yourfaceisuglyregardless December 26, 2011
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RIM's (Research in Motion) tablet device, the Blackberry Playbook, released in 2011. Pre-dating this is RIM's personal communication device, the Blackberry, which came to be known as the Crackberry because of the addictive behavior that it inspired in users.

Even on the verge of first release, the Playbook had already picked up the Crackbook nickname. Maybe it's because when it comes to saying,

- "Crackbook"

- "the new RIM Playbook personal tablet device"

the nickname crackbook just saves you time and life.
I need apps for my Crackbook.
by Blackberry James April 15, 2011
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