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You may be driving an ugly car if...

1) It is on the periodic table, under the symbol (H), and is named 'Tonka Truck'.

2) Hernando Cortez is trying to run you off the road.

3) Your car can't decide whether it is a car or an 'EXT' pick up truck.

4) If another car collides with you, they bounce off the rubber siding trim.

5) Several cars are following you with their hazard lights on, because they think your car is a hearse.

6) It didn't have the jaguar ornament on the hood.

7) Scion.
1) Honda Element
2) Pontiac Aztek
3) Subaru Baja
4) Chevy Avalanche
5) PT Cruiser
6) Kia Amanti
7) Too poor to own a Lexus, too tasteless to buy a Corolla or Camry.
by The Sub March 11, 2005
The cause of blowing a four game lead in the AL Championship Series to a wild-card team with a much lower payroll.
The New York Yankees were choking hard in the 2004 ALCS.
by The Sub January 31, 2005
At night, a car that usually has a dark paint job, and no headlights on. It can literally come out of nowhere, as it is nothing but a silhouette of a vehicle.
I nearly got rammed by that silhouette when I was trying to make a left at midnight... stupid drunks.
by The Sub March 01, 2005
Nintendo gaming consoles were, for a very long period of time, the monopoly of the gaming industry. However, advances in PC gaming technology, as well as the intergration of the failing Sega company into the growing Sony Playstation market, and the introduction of Microsoft's X-Box, have proven to be potent in a market which Nintendo has been unable to succeed in the past decade... the adolescent market.

Nintendo's marketing strategy consists of gearing itself towards younger gamers, which more child-like titles, while at the same time attempting to win back it's nostalgia fanbase with remakes of classics such as Zelda and Metroid. Unfortunately, in the face of powerhouses such as the GTA series, Halo, and PC titles like Half-Life and pretty much any game Blizzard makes, Nintendo has been unable to compete with Sony and Microsoft.

This has lead to what some people believe the Nintendo Gamecube being the last Nintendo system (much like Sega's Dreamcast). The opposition to this are, the aforementioned 'nostalgia' gamers, who during the late 80's earlier 90's, instead of actually studying in school or working and getting money, played 'The Last Great Console' (NES or SNES, depending on what moron you ask) all day, and are now 30 year old males sitting in their parent's basement longing for the 'good ol days' when game challenges consist of whether or not Mario was going to move the direction you told him to.

Nintendo's latest marketing ploy is the DS, in an attempt to winback the handheld gaming industry in which it has dominated with it's Gameboy. However, heavy advertising and anticipation for Sony's PSP prove to be more than a match for Nintendo.

The 80's are over people. MJ is a pedophile, Alf went back to his planet, and Nintendo is a has-been gaming company.
Nowadays, whenever I visit a friends house, and the idea of playing video games come up, it's either Halo 2, GTA:SA, or a Sony sporting game... not Mario Kart on SNES you imbeciles.
by The Sub April 26, 2005
A German automobile which is most famous for the 'beatle', a car which is driven by (then) hippies and (now) obese chicks, and can be totaled in a rear end collision. Also includes the 'Golf', driven mostly by ricers. The Jetta, driven by pseudo-white collar males who wear sunglasses (even at night) and tailgate. And the Passat, which is driven by old people who float on the highway.

The other models are bought by people who are apparently easily suckered by car salesmen.
The ricer in the Golf next to me wanted to race. I only bothered to smoke him because the Jetta behind me kept tailgating me, so I left them both in the dust. Stupid Eurotrash.
by The Sub March 06, 2005
A yellow towel that Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave during games. It is also used to wipe away the tears after their fluke of a team gets crushed by the New England Patriots.
Thousands of Pittsburgh Steelers fans used their terrible towels as hankchiefs after Roethlisberger threw another interception which Harrison promptly ran down the field for a touchdown.
by The Sub February 02, 2005
Disgustingly unfashionable clothing worn by Canadians or blue-collar Americans. They usually refer to one of the two...

1) Denim on denim. A jean jacket with a matching pair of jeans.

2) A plaid button-down shirt and a pair of dickies.

Like the guido tuxedo (tracksuit shananigans), these clothes aren't suited for anything other than a casual party. Unlike the guido tuxedo, a Canadian tuxedo isn't really suited for a casual party either.
Hey, we are going to a hockey/nascar/wrestling event. Bring your Canadian tuxedo.
by The Sub February 04, 2005

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