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A great game that can get you out doing almost anything.
Girl: wanna come over

Guy: nah, i'm playing titan fall
by ThatOneguy March 11, 2014
A Advanced 2D MMORGP,with a gigantic land mass, dynamic quests, many monsters, many skills, and weapons to select from. www.Dransik.com
I played Dransik all night and was involved in a guild war.
by ThatOneGuy December 17, 2003
A member of Dransik (www.Dransik.com) A very good man, if you decide to play Dransik, look for him.
On Dransik, Craddoc is my master.
by ThatOneGuy December 17, 2003
"excuse me" as said by a baby. Beleaved to mean "Thank you". They sorta sound that same.
Noot noo mama!!
by Thatoneguy September 21, 2003
Being denied sex because the other person is waiting for marriage or is already married to Jesus or "God"
Guy 1: Hey man did you and and your girl have relations yet?
Guy 2: Nah man, she is religious.
Guy 1: Hah! You have been christ-blocked
by ThatOneGUy January 16, 2015

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