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39 definitions by ThaBigCheesy

An amusingly ghetto word for money. a mix between green and Benjamins.
Where's my motha-fuckin' benji greens

In between my ham and cheese curtains, wanna take a dustin'?
by ThaBigCheesy October 31, 2010
12 0
How old people say jeans.
Old Lady: That little negro boy, has doo-doo on his dungarees. Don't let him sit on the davenport.
by ThaBigCheesy October 16, 2010
23 11
An intentional misspelling of the word "lolspeak". Which is quite ironic, as lolspeak is wholly based on intentional misspelling.
Duz yew know hao tew speek da lolspeek?
by ThaBigCheesy February 27, 2010
13 1
The grossest poop of all.
"Why are we here?" Douglas cried, as poop came out his weiner, in a long, thin strip. It was . . . weinerpoop"

-The Poop That Took A Pee by Leopold "Butters" Stoch
by ThaBigCheesy September 28, 2010
20 9
Yet another colloquialism for breasts. Used mainly by teens trying to be silly.
OMG! She had the nicest tittieboobs evar!
by ThaBigCheesy September 01, 2010
11 0
Pretty much what it sounds like. Girl-on-girl action. But spelled in "internetspeak".
Ashley and Jessica like to have hawt, sweaty girlsecks on Saturday afternoons.
by ThaBigCheesy August 22, 2010
18 7
A wonderful colloquialism for the one and only male sexual organ: The peen.
Hey Ashleigh, how about you come over and play a little tune on the ole' bed flute?
by ThaBigCheesy November 02, 2010
10 0