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The "1337" way of saying Boobs. Mainly used by pre-pubescent teen boys trying to be "cool".
Geeky kid: OMG! Olivia Munn has uber nice Bewbz0rs!!
by ThaBigCheesy October 13, 2010
Poop. Doodie. Shit. Dung. Poopoo, Doodoo, etc.
Dood. Have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker lately??

ZOMG, yes! She abotu scared the carbon coal outta me!
by ThaBigCheesy December 02, 2010
Creepy to the power of a X. More creepy than any other creep could possibly be.
Look at that guy over there with no teeth, staring at Jennifer. He's DEEP CREEPY.
by ThaBigCheesy October 26, 2010
The totally stupid, ghey, leetspeak way of spelling "boobies"
H@y M@rkuss, y@ w@nn@ g0 l00k @ Tiffanys b00b13z??
by ThaBigCheesy August 31, 2010

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