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39 definitions by ThaBigCheesy

1.) Another colloquialism for vagina. Can also refer to boobs or anything else that physically defines a woman.

2.) The stuff dreams are made of.
Mandy has the cutest girlparts evar!!
by ThaBigCheesy September 06, 2010
Where little black kids play.
Farkwondah: Yo, Laqweesha, whurr ya keydz be?

Laqweesha: Oh dayz out playin indiscreet.

Farkwondah: Oh dasss whas up.
by ThaBigCheesy January 15, 2011
Yet another "1337" way of saying boobs. Usually used online by pre-teen boys trying to impress their online friends.
Some random pre-teen: Holy shiz, Batman! Your mom has the best Boobz0rs evar!!11one
by ThaBigCheesy October 13, 2010
Short for cleavage. Usually used by young females.
Miranda is notorious for showing off copious amounts of cleav.
by ThaBigCheesy September 30, 2010
Yet another spelling of the word boobies. Used mainly by pre-pubescent teens trying to be cool on gaming forums.
I paid this girl at church to show me her boobiez during Sunday School.
by ThaBigCheesy September 06, 2010
Yet another colloquialism for breasts. Used mainly by teens trying to be silly. A different spelling of tittieboobs .
Whoa! When Alicia's wearin' that top, her tittyboobs stick out for miles!
by ThaBigCheesy September 01, 2010
The exact opposite of Big Pimpin and 1 level below Medium Pimpin.
I got my ass kicked at da club lass night. Dey took all mah bling, mah cash and mah Impala...now I be little pimpin.
by ThaBigCheesy August 03, 2010