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FSR is the abbreviation for For Some Reason. It's fairly rare because everyone asks me what it means and I redirect them here.
Me: I can't remember anything fsr
Someone: fsr?
Me: ...
by Terrum December 25, 2009
A Hobb Knocker is someone who has sex with animals, And it's barely legal.
You: I love animals.
Me: I hope you're not a Hobb Knocker.
by Terrum February 15, 2009
The wrong way to spell disappointed.
You: Ugh i'm so dissapointed.
by Terrum June 24, 2009
The wrong way to spell Bollocks.
Teacher: How do you spell bollocks?
Boy: *spells* Bollacks
Teacher: WRONG!
by Terrum May 24, 2008
The wrong way to spell queer.
Noob: omg ur s0 qweer.
Me: Ugh shut up, kid. Get off COD4 and go back to teletubbies!... You queer!
by Terrum February 20, 2010
Hands Up can mean many things.

1. Hands Up is the common term used for officers with weaponry when a crime is committing, they aim the weapon at the criminal and usually shout "Hands Up"
2. Hands Up is a type of Dance/Techno in the music genre, usually around 135 to 150 bpm. It has a kick to bass style and is usually repetitive, every 16-beats has a stage up. See Dancecore
1. The police sees the criminal, They aim their weapon at the criminal and shout "Hands Up! This is the police!"
2. Woah, This tune...It makes me wanna dance! ~ That would be the Kick'n'Bass workin' in the Hands Up genre.
by Terrum August 13, 2010
The incorrect way to spell "eyeballing"
Eyballing me is wrong.. Eyeballing me is correct.
by Terrum July 30, 2008

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