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15 definitions by Terrum

Check desperate.
I cry from desperacy of wanting the book.
by Terrum May 16, 2009
It means retard, but with a typo.
j00 are much d retarf,
by Terrum July 13, 2008
pufo is the abbreviation for Pack Up and Fuck Off. Meaning to get ready and go in a slang way.
Man 1: I'm done
Man 2: Good. Ready to pufo?
by Terrum January 26, 2010
A tinkle fairy is presumably an imaginary being that monitors every moment you take a piss, it is mostly known for its limitations, such as 'the amount of times you can shake'. It was made popular from the show Family Guy.
Adam West: *shakes twice*
Tinkle Fairy: Two shakes, that's it...Move along!
Adam West: Oh, why thank you, Tinkle Fairy!
by Terrum July 12, 2013
legit = legally acquired
liget = illegally acquired
Pirate: I got Windows 7!!11one
Nerd: I hope it's legitimately activated.
Pirate: Nope! It's liget!
by Terrum October 11, 2011
A more common word for the genre Hands Up. See Hands Up for more info.
See Hands Up for more info about Dancecore.
by Terrum August 13, 2010
The retarded way of saying 'stop it'.
You: Ha, look at him, in a wheelchair, with the constant smug look on his face
-Retarded wheelchair user hears-
Him: DOPIT! -flapshakefidget-
by Terrum April 21, 2013